Monday, January 4, 2016

When You Deliberately Continue in Sexual Sin

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By Joe Dallas

Look at the following list of things a man [or woman] does when he [or she] deliberately continues in sexual sin...

I've deliberately put my pleasure before God.
I've ignored the grief I've been inflicting on Him.
I've polluted my own body and mind.
I've wasted precious time and energy on a selfish indulgence.
I've crippled my ability to be salt and light in a world that needs both.
I've let people down even if they're unaware of it.
I've participated in the sort of evil I say I'm against.
I've lied, pretended, and kept up a false front.
I've broken promises and commitments.
I've not had the courage to come clean and deal with this.
I'm not the man [or woman] others think I am.
I'm not the man [or woman] I could be.

Godly sorrow over sin is the gateway to true repentance; true repentance is the gateway to true change. You won't experience godly sorrow, though, until you've let the impact of your behavior sink in. ...

Father, open my eyes to both the seriousness of my behavior and to Your stubborn love for me, which refuses to let me settle for anything less than Your best. Help me to both grieve my sin and to keep from being swallowed up in grief. Give me the sensitivity to weep over my wrongdoing; give me the faith to believe You point out my problem so it can be solved. Protect me from self-condemnation, but do not shield me from self-awareness. I ask this in Jesus's name. Amen.


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