Monday, July 14, 2014

When You Can't Make Sense of Life



What is someone supposed to do whose life has been very difficult?  Someone who hasn't had many friends at all (possibly only one), hasn't been very stable financially and couldn't afford nice clothes or items like others, and has gone through rough trials and hurtful situations in life...not knowing how to make sense of any of it?
As I get older, I am starting to realize that the pursuit of happiness and seeking to be problem and stress free will never be a reality.  It can't be.  When you consider the selfishness of so many and how they do not regard how their actions, behavior, and words will affect others...or the choices they make which may lead many people on a downward spiral of destruction (like a parent introducing their child to drugs or an older sibling showing their younger brother or sister porn from a young age and they instantly get addicted), it is no small wonder to finally see that every choice we make not only affects us, but others as well in many ways.
So much of our pain in life is the result of either irresponsibility or neglect on our part or the part of others (including our parents or friends) and we end up suffering in some way because of the choices we have made or because our parents or guardians have allowed us to experience or be exposed to forms of evil from the time we were young.
The best counsel I could offer is to commit everything in your life (past, present and future) to God; pleading that He would truly heal and restore you from any and all underlying issues and hurts you still carry around or possible wounds that have been reopened in ways due to various circumstances in recent times.
Life, regardless if we choose to believe this or not, is difficult in many ways for everyone.  Some people appear to have it all together or be content in life because of their joyful perspective or happy-go-lucky attitude, yet you really do not know what problems they have been through in life, what they experienced as children or young adults, or choices they made even a week ago that they wish could be taken back because the "pay off" of sin was not worth the consequences that may very well follow.
Please pray for me as often as you think of it, asking God to heal my soul and remove my brokenness, intervene in ways I need Him to and give me a heart of peaceful trust in Him.
Thank you!


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