Friday, July 18, 2014

What's Wrong with a Little Fantasy?


What's wrong with it?
It enables us to get caught up in thoughts where we are front and center, the partner or many men or women we fantasize about cater to our every desire, and the sex is perfect.  Our bodies respond by becoming aroused, we seek out masturbation, and may turn to viewing porn so we can visually see our fantasies played out through the many images, videos, and genres/fetishes available.
I believe fantasy will prevent us from being fully satisfied during sexual acts when we marry in the future because like porn, fantasy is exactly what we want it to be and there are no flaws (only amazing sex, stunning beauty, everything we want to experience, and we get off every time) and when we engage in intimacy with our husband or wife, they won't deliver in the same manner.
I don't know about you, but to me, fantasy can be scary in ways (for lack of a better word) because similar to porn, it creates an insatiable longing for sexual acts and an obsession with them to the degree that these thoughts consume my mind and I realize how perverted I really am.  Fantasy also (obviously and evidently) hinders us from finding delight in serving/seeking after God because sex just seems so much more appealing than purposing in our hearts to live a God-honoring and pure life.  What follows therefore is a decreased interest in reading the Bible, less of a hunger for speaking to God in prayer (unless of course it entails letting Him know all we would like in a future spouse, etc.) and diminishes our desire to share God with others and attend church because 1. How can we possibly speak of God and His goodness to others when we are living in sin and 2. Why would we want to attend church and feel convicted to the point where we realize we must repent?  It's so much easier to just be caught up in a fantasy world and seek sexual release through masturbation and pornographic material.
...but will this profit us most overtime?  No.  God truly does have our best interest at heart when He tells us to remain pure sexually before we are married.  Let's use this time before marriage to serve God fervently, pray daily that He would create in us a clean heart that fears, trusts, and obeys Him, and to purge, refine, sanctify, cleanse, deliver, purify, set free, and restore us from any sexual bondage that surely will have a negative effect on our relationships in the future.


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