Sunday, April 27, 2014

Differences Between Mankind and Jesus Christ


By Johnathan Ford

There are no greater differences than the ones that exist between mankind and Jesus Christ.

When man faces temptation, he is defeated.
When man is wronged by another, he lashes out in anger, forsaking compassion.
When man is at fault, he still finds a way to glorify himself and avoid the punishment he deserves.
When man tries to save himself, he cannot because he is a captive to his own sin.

When Jesus faced temptation, he prevailed.
When Jesus was wronged by others, he neglected his anger to show compassion, so that they might learn to do the same.
Though Jesus was never at fault, his purpose was never to glorify himself but to take the punishment we deserved.
Jesus had the power to save himself, but chose not to so that we could be delivered from our sin.

I, a sinner, cannot be more thankful for his love.


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