Saturday, April 26, 2014

Suicide is Tragic


By Johnathan Ford

Among all things, I find suicide to be one of the most tragic. It truly is sad when people succumb to deprecating lies – when they choose to believe that the mirror is right when it says that their appearance makes them worthless, and that their peers speak truth in saying that their imperfections make them despicable and hated. It is simply heartbreaking to see that God’s beautiful creations, whom he loves infinitely and unconditionally, see that their lives are worth nothing, when in fact they are worth everything.
If you are considering ending your life, just know that there is hope – I too used to think that God’s love wasn’t strong enough to reach a failure as miserable as I was, but it rescued me. I used to believe that the greatest hope I had was to die, but God showed me that I had reason to live. If the Creator of the universe was willing to sacrifice everything to die for you, you are WORTH IT, you are LOVED, and you have a PURPOSE.


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