Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Running To Porn...Again?


Our thoughts matter.  Our physical health and mental well-being matter.  Our friend choices matter.  Our entertainment choices matter.  How we spend our time matters.  ...and guarding our hearts matters.

If we cannot overcome an addiction, the obvious step is to get rid of anything that paves the way for running back to what we are in bondage to.  It means being ruthless with our sins of choice and choosing, day by day, hour by hour, to fight them, to the death.

Viewing pornography is selfishness at its highest.  It is using other people for our own selfish gain, pleasure, fantasy, and gratification.  It blinds us to the fact that we are watching other people engage in sexual acts and yet don't realize how odd and quite honestly, how pathetic this is.

If we had a friend who told us they would watch their neighbors have sex each night because he or she could see in their bedroom window, our first response and thought would be, "You're a creep and a pervert!  Do you realize what you just told me?  That's weird and why would you even think you are entitled to see what goes on between other people in their sex life?"  ...and yet we don't find it odd at all that this is precisely what we ourselves are doing each time we run back to the comfort and lure of porn.

Using the excuse, "Well, if it was wrong to view, it would be equally wrong to make, and yet look at how many porn stars willingly give their bodies to others on film!" just won't cut it.  Why?  Because if others are engaging in something that is blatantly perverse or downright destructive (such as doing drugs, drinking every weekend, or sleeping with people they just met) and think it is okay because the other person was willing or because "my parents first introduced me to pot or alcohol", this doesn't mean such behavior and action can be justified.

Would you rather be married and have sex often with your spouse OR watch an array of erotic films to your taste and to your heart's content behind a smartphone, TV, or computer screen while you masturbate to it?

Seems silly doesn't it, how often we choose to feed our addictions and not cut off all ties with them and in so doing, choose to satisfy our sinful flesh instead of preparing to be in a relationship which leads to marriage and can be filled with sexual acts with another person (not just our hand and fantasy as we view other people engaging in sex).

What is your excuse for not giving up pornography?  What makes you think you can't live without it?


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