Thursday, March 2, 2017

Living Life Intentionally Will Make All the Difference

Deliberate. Intentional. On purpose.

These words describe the needed mindset behind the decisions you and I must make each day (otherwise it will be easy to become lazy, make excuses, waste time, and cause us to be flippant in our approach). It was only when I began keeping note of every task I am responsible for and being detailed in organizing and figuring out the best course of action to execute that I began to get stuff done in an efficient, timely, and thorough manner. It's quite impossible to solve a problem or accomplish a specific goal if you haven't defined it and worked on a step-by-step plan to execute it.

If we find ourselves overwhelmed with our to-do list, it's very possible we are not applying these words in our decision-making. We may need to delegate responsibility, learn to say no, and examine our priorities to see if our time, focus, and energy are being spent rightly or if they are being squandered in some way. A few adjustments, some careful planning, solid accountability, and simply asking for help can assist us in reaching our goals and focusing more intently on our responsibilities.

What areas of life do you wrestle to gain victory over? What chores do you find yourself completing only halfway before giving up or convincing yourself you will have more energy, time, or motivation later? What people do you surround yourself with that influence you toward a lazy lifestyle?

I have found (in my own life and in observing the lives of others) that life tends toward chaos, not order. And therefore we must be intentional regarding making wise use of our time in the present, preparing for the future, and dealing with the trauma and issues of the past that tend to weigh us down to this day.

Just as a boring life in many ways is a safe one, so too an orderly life brings a safety net of sorts as we are better accommodated to deal with the unexpected and be the ones in control instead of a lack of structure causing us to feel like we continuously cannot pull our acts together.

In living all of life with a definitive purpose in mind, the natural consequence is escaping the rat race so many people find themselves in and gaining a deep satisfaction and peace in knowing we are striving for excellence and are serious about having a plan for everything. It is only then that we will begin to feel competent and will have the tools in place to not be overcome with busyness or panicking at the last minute for forgetting what had to be done by now.

If you would like to share any ideas with me regarding ways your life has balance, I'd enjoy reading such letters. Send a note my way and start the discussion.

Wise people know there is always a way (and need) to improve. We can learn something (or many things) from others, and sharing the wisdom we've gleaned regarding various topics just might be the help and encouragement others have been needing for awhile!


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