Saturday, February 11, 2017

Every Life Is a Movie with Many Scenes

Life is like a movie and every person we meet is a character in the film. We go through different seasons with each person, and how we relate to them varies from romance to friendship to being mentored to having fun. We are rejected by some, accepted by some, hurt by some, and helped by some.They are all a piece of our story.

And some scenes are scary, while others are exciting. Some parts of our movie make us laugh hysterically and other parts cause us to weep bitterly. Sometimes switching jobs or moving or no longer communicating with certain characters in the movie is forced upon us through circumstance and loss, while other times great changes and the unexpected lead to a more fruitful and enjoyable existence. Sometimes the scenes in our movie become rocky and dramatic and other times it is smooth sailing. Why? Our choices. Every decision we make leads us down one of two paths: further refinement and wholeness or further destruction, wasted time, and turmoil.

If only we saw all of life as a movie with several scenes and realized that while we can't control what happens around us, we can control how we respond to it, we would have a greater capacity to see life through the lens of hope instead of desperation and pain.

"I want to encourage you to not look at single events as the movie of your life. Each day, each event is just a single scene." Henry Cloud

It is to our peril if we keep replaying some scene from the past and get stuck on those characters. It is to our benefit if we are vigilant as to what can be learned from our movie up until this point.

Characters, places, and events come and go. We can't control when, how, or why. But our story doesn't have to end tragically. No one can change the past, but everyone (through the right means) can have a better future despite the obstacles that arise. It is a matter of perspective, good company, humility, a willingness to grow and seek help where need be, stopping intake of anything destructive (including people) and starting healthy habits, learning time and life management skills, and only surrounding ourselves with people, places, and things that will enable us to become healthy and whole.

Regardless of the genre your life has been up until now (possibly fluctuating from one to the next), your story can become completely different if you carefully consider every step forward. We all must take personal responsibility for our own lives, own where we have failed, and continuously seek to better ourselves and the people around us. It is only when people get super serious about life and are willing to address and deal with every one of their issues head on that anything positive can result.

So what are you waiting for? What is holding you back?


Anonymous said...

Great post! I loved it!!

Mrs. M

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