Wednesday, October 5, 2016

There Is Wisdom in Taking Personal Inventory of Our Lives

Monthly Personal Inventory:

  • What good habits have I built?
  • What bad habits have I taken steps to break?
  • Am I prioritizing accountability relationships and being honest in our correspondence?
  • Have I been attending church every week?
  • How much of the Bible do I read each day?
  • Where am I currently reading in the Bible?
  • Do I find studying the Bible thrilling or rather drab?
  • Am I investing in the lives of those around me and looking for opportunities to make a difference in this world?
  • Am I being selfish in my dealings with others or growing in servanthood?
  • Am I being a good steward of my time, talents, resources, and health?
  • What character flaws need attention?
  • Am I growing in humility or exhibiting pride?
  • What fruit of the Spirit am I lacking?
  • What fruit of the Spirit am I growing in?
  • What lessons have I learned?
  • What idols am I clinging to? What idols am I allowing God to eradicate from my life?
  • Have I become slack in my responsibilities or am I giving adequate time to fulfill these duties?
  • Who have I been spending time with? How are these persons influencing my choices?
  • What would the people around me say are my greatest faults? Strengths?
  • Do I have healthy relationships with the people in my life?
  • Do I treat others with respect (no matter their status in society)?
  • Have I been harboring bitterness and resentment toward anyone?
  • Do I practice forgiveness toward those who wrong me or hold grudges and mistreat them in response?
  • Am I willing to be corrected or can I not handle confrontation and constructive criticism?
  • Have I been keeping short accounts with others or do I let time pass before considering making amends?
  • Am I quick to find fault in others or am I growing to realize that it takes time to change and therefore I must be patient with them in regards to their flaws?
  • Am I willing to work on my own issues without making excuses or justifying my behavior?
  • Do I often complain, compare, and envy?
  • Am I growing in contentment?
  • Have I been meditating on Scripture's prescription for a healthy thought life (Philippians 4: 8)?
  • What sin am I battling? Do I easily allow compromise or am I ruthlessly fighting my sin?
  • What sin have I found greater deliverance from this month? What steps have I implemented to gain such freedom?
  • What book(s) or articles am I reading?
  • What entertainment am I viewing?
  • What music am I listening to?
  • What websites am I visiting?
  • Are such things time-wasters and sin-enablers or am I actively guarding my heart?

For further reading, check out Relational Assessment


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