Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Repentance: What To Repent Of?

1. Repent of your public, known sins.
Make it your ambition to come before the Lord and ask for His mercy for your public and known sins.  That is, make known the sins that you’ve committed in public, that you know about, that others know about.

2. Repent of your hidden, private sins.
Uncover the hidden, deep, dark recesses of your private sins to the Lord.  He sees it all and knows them all anyway.  Uncover the deep blackness in the well of your heart.  Bring it to light.  Let the blackness of sin be cleansed by the crimson blood of Christ.  Uncover and repent of these.

3. Repent of that ‘pet/darling/favorite’ sin that you won’t let go of.
Come to the Lord and earnestly beseech God’s mercy for that one sin that you repent of often.  That ‘darling’ (pet, cherished) sin that you have, that you fight against, that you repent of often, and that you are most afraid of — or unwilling — to give up.  Repent and surrender that to Christ.

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