Friday, July 10, 2015

Halt Your Immorality Before It Begins!

What I endeavor to promote in this essay is God-glorifying and Christ-satisfying sexual purity.  In writing this, I hope to show that adultery (=immorality) does not begin when the act occurs.  That final act may be the last — and public — sin in a long, unattended to, unconfessed pattern of sins where repentance has not occurred.

Here are some "E's" so  you don't 'ease' your way into immorality...
[Much of this essay was stimulated by a recent message by Tommy Nelson and recent articles by Denny Burk and Tim Challies.  This brief article has slightly altered and added to their original thoughts.]

I will attack it negatively.  Here is what to not to do.  In other words: these are the steps to fall into adultery.  But to refrain from adultery and sexual promiscuity, one should desire the utmost holiness from the core, the root, the beginning, so that other occasions of sin will not build with a snowball-like effect.

So then, here are a number of “E’s” whereby one may ‘ease’ his way into immorality.

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