Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The (Often Unwanted) In-Your-Face Truth About Porn

Porn viewers are nothing more than predatory peeping toms.

Youth and children: Guard your heart and eyes vigorously from the lure of porn.  It'll utterly destroy your concept of sex and is a twisted, dark lie.

Porn is not mere entertainment that expresses all that can be had with the act of sex.  Rather, it is a disgusting distortion of real sex.

There may be many stumbling blocks in our path that lead to masturbation or porn.  Get rid of them!  No excuses!  It's NOT worth it!

Porn stars who claim to love what they do are lying.  No person in their right mind would endure those acts with others they barely know, aware that it is being viewed by an anonymous audience to masturbate to.

Porn offers an outlet for the most depraved to have their fix and makes the deranged acceptable in society.

Pornography normalizes the degenerate, awakens desire for the illegal, and fuels twisted fantasies.

Porn is a tool used by pimps and pedophiles that grooms their victims by teaching them how to perform.  And it's just harmless entertainment?

Porn is the perfect way to cause men and women to stray from Biblical sexuality.  It confuses desires and corrupts healthy views of sex and intimacy.

Porn is a subtle yet blunt attack on society because it trains people to be obsessed with sex while finding the real thing less appealing.

Porn makes promises it can't keep.  It makes you think emulating the acts in real life will deliver in the same way the stars "appear" to get off.

Pornography grooms people to desire the impossible.  It leaves us dissatisfied and bored with normal sexual relations.

Pornography seems like a grand idea initially because it promises satisfaction.  Truth is, it ends in pain on a number of levels.

Porn is the perfect way to destroy relationships and intimacy with those we love.  Porn is the perfect enemy who masquerades as a helpful friend.

One imperfect person can in no way compare to the plethora of what is available to view in porn.  Constant variety will kill a relationship.

Bringing pornography into a relationship (and family or marriage) is the perfect recipe for disaster and broken hearts.  It is a thief and liar.

In porn, you will never find the love, respect, self-esteem, legacy, attention, strength, peace, hope, joy or freedom that you crave.

Pornography gives the illusion that you are wanted (yet you're viewing others behind a screen, touching yourself, and are all alone).

No matter how many hours you view porn seeking to find lasting fulfillment, contentment in life, or to cope, you'll never truly be at rest.

Viewing porn can be compared to playing specific video games: Caught up in a fantasy world totally unlike reality and making real life appear dull.

Pornography normalizes the illegal, encourages the inhumane, promotes disastrous ideas, and uproots healthy views about sex.

No sin compares to a life of devotion to Christ.  Porn, adultery, and all manner of impurity & unrighteousness cannot hold up to His beauty.

Porn is a heartbreaking production of precious individuals being ruined for our enjoyment.  Quite twisted.

Porn is the lowest form of the pursuit of pleasure there is.  It is typically viewed alone, accompanied by masturbation, and done in secret.

Turning to porn is the go-to fix for stifling raw emotions and issues.  Problem is, it helps not and only adds to our troubles over time.

Porn is a pathetic production of sexualizing the broken, to feed the broken, which furthers our brokenness. (This concept taken from a post by Beggar's Daughter)

The pleasures of porn happen in less than half hour increments.  To think of all we trade and give up in life to indulge in this addiction!

Pornography is an evil which does nothing more than corrupt, steal, lie, and harm everyone involved.  Those who advocate for it are blind.

Porn involves REAL people who have endured the worst so that our sick society can have its lust and secret fantasies catered to.  This is abuse.

By consuming porn, we are treating other human beings as disposable objects to devour.  We strip them of their humanity and God-given worth.

Pornography presents sex as being free of respect, gentleness, communication, hugs, kissing, foreplay, relationship, sanctity, and any love.

Pornography turns sex into a twisted game of tyrannical submission.

Pornography separates the personhood and value of every individual by showing them as nothing more than pieces of meat to devour.

Despite claims to be just acting, porn stars endure hideous experiences for the sake of the lust-driven population to get off to.  Despicable.

The momentary enjoyment porn brings leaves poor self-image, corruption, desensitization, insatiable lust and tainted longings in its wake.

What people endure in porn should make us sick to our stomach.  Gang rape is a monstrous act apart from fantasy, yet somehow glorified in porn.

We should be appalled and up in arms over the story lines in 90% of porn films.  What are we thinking as we watch humans being treated like that?

Think of the most precious person you know.  The one you cherish and would even die for.  Now think of porn stars.  They are people too.

Many of the popular scenes in pornography are a dark and twisted, sickening and unhealthy portrayal of sex.  100% unrealistic.

Porn use grooms people to become predators.  If not outwardly, then certainly in their minds and untold desires.

Pornography is a disturbing and vile distortion of sex filled with violence and degradation, totally devoid of gentleness, love and commitment.

Pornography promotes brutality and the humiliation of precious human beings made in the image of God.

Pornography teaches that in order for sex to be pleasurable, you must enter into the world of pain.

Pornography has a significant (and scary) impact on how people view sex.  It promotes infidelity, abuse and foolish/illegal acts.

Pornography fails to present sex as a gift shared between two committed individuals.  As someone has noted, It is making hate, not love.

Pornography makes sex dirty and dishonoring.

Pornography takes the sickest fantasies of the human heart and cunningly portrays them as harm and consequence free.

Pornography makes us stupid/lacking sense.  We begin to see so many aspects of life illogically and become selfish with little regard to who we're hurting.

Excessive porn use blinds people to the horrific nature of what is being displayed.  It has the power to warp our attractions and make us sick.

Pornography trains us to crave, be drawn toward, and aroused by the unrealistic, unhealthy, barbaric, and illegal.

Many of the story lines shown in pornography encourage what is illegal by portraying it as harmless fun.

Porn turns sex (a beautiful intimate act) into something twisted, dark, cruel, and unrealistic.

"Having a partner who’s addicted to porn and sexually compulsive behavior is the worst betrayal a woman can encounter."  Unknown

"(In pornography), there isn’t a nice date night, or long intimate and engaging talks.  It’s just straight to the act of sex."  Unknown

"...porn...in your marriage, (is) like termites to...a house, slowly and quietly eating away the beams until one day it...collapses..."  Unknown

"Porn offers the promise of a quick fix.  But really great sex requires an intimate investment..."  Sam Black

"Though not true for everyone, many porn users find they need a greater amount or more intense porn to activate a state of arousal."  Sam Black

"Great sex means a husband and wife focus on each other. ...porn teaches...to focus on multiple images, body types, partners and scenarios."  Sam Black

"A habit or an addiction to porn is an obvious killer to marital and sexual oneness, because true focus is singular not plural."  Sam Black

"(Pornography) negatively influences behavior and leads to a perpetuation of brokenness, mistrust, and heartache."  Bobby Angel

"For love of your family and love of God, root out pornography now to save your marriage before it even starts."  Bobby Angel

"Pornography should be seriously addressed and abandoned as quickly as possible."  Kevin Delaney

"Pornography promotes and eroticizes...discrimination, disrespect, abuse,...objectification, and detachment."  Jill C. Manning

"Porn creates unrealistic expectations...towards our spouses.  They can’t possibly live up to (it) and would we even want them to?"  All Pro Dad

"Continual viewing of porn will erode the trust built in your marriage until it is gone completely."  All Pro Dad

"Most, if not all, wives (if they are being honest), consider their husband viewing pornography as cheating."  All Pro Dad

"Something as treacherous as pornography undermines everything we try to achieve as husbands and fathers."  All Pro Dad

"If allowed to fester in our lives, porn slowly erodes not only our rational senses, but our very souls."  All Pro Dad

"Men’s obsession with Internet porn is affecting their libidos, and making it impossible for real women to satisfy them."  All Pro Dad

"When people have to turn to a screen to be turned on, that's probably the least sexy thing ever.  Love is real.  Sex is real.  Don't take fake."  Fight the New Drug

"Pornography addiction results from the attempt to receive intimacy without risking rejection."  Stephen Kuhn

Sex trafficking is a hideous business.  Porn stars promote their name, while trafficking victims remain nameless.  One fuels the other.

What's missing from pornography?


...what else can you think of?


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