Saturday, June 20, 2015

9 Motivations for You to Repent Now!

The Bible teaches that today is the day of salvation.  Now is the acceptable time for sinners to repent.  God always promises to forgive when sinners repent of sin but God never promises the sinner tomorrow so that he can repent of his sin then.  So, this brief writeup lists nine compelling motivations for sinners to repent now.  Come to Christ today!  Turn from your sins now and live!

1. The shortness of time!
You must number yours days.  Time on earth will not go on forever.  People are not immortal.  Humans are eternal beings but not immortal beings.  You will live on forever.  Your life, dear friends, is but a candle, for it’ll soon go out.  Your life is but a shadow that quickly passes by.  One’s existence is but a sunset that begins and after but a few passing moments it is gone.  Your life is like steam on a hot cup as it goes up and then it’s gone forever.  God lovingly beckons you to come now when he says: Today if you hear his voice: do not harden your hearts (Heb 3.7-8)!

2. The concern for your soul!
Thomas Watson helps us imagine this: O horrible day, when Jesus Christ clothed in his judge's robe shall say to the sinner, “Stand forth; answer to the indictment brought against you.”  Have you forgotten that your soul will live on forevermore?  You will everlastingly live in either eternal glory in heaven or eternal torments in hellfire.  Do you live careless about your own soul?  Do you apathetically live as to the future punishments that really, literally, and immediately await you at death?  Death is sure.  Your soul will live on.  Hell is real.  Out of care for your soul, repent today.

3. The evil of sin!
Sin is the ultimate treason against God.  The vileness of sin manifests itself as it transgresses the Word of God, it incites the holy anger of God, and it fuels the fires of hell.  Do you see your sin as treason against God?  Do you view your sin — all of your sins and your sin nature — as rising up in protest against God’s sovereignty?  Until your sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet to you(Thomas Watson).

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