Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Dangers of Normalizing Depravity

Pornography has a way of distorting our view of sexuality to the point that what was once obviously wrong and twisted (or considered abuse by the law) has now become arousing, our little secret, or what we begin to crave as though there will be no real consequence.  This is shown in many scenes or genres of porn, one being a girl with her teacher or a girl and her stepfather.  Regardless of the pathetic assertion that pornography is merely entertainment, how do you suppose this affects the children, adolescents, or pedophiles who happen to find this material?

If a child is being abused at home (first being prepared through the parent or guardian's showing of pornography - and with it, harder and more degrading material over time), how do you suppose seeing pornographic films like this will affect them?  It will harm their view of what is right and wrong.  They will feel confused as to why they feel fear and shame when the movies they see portray similar acts to what they are experiencing at home as though the child or teenager enjoys it; even smiling as if the step father's playful command of, "This will be our little secret" is just fun.  What the film doesn't show is how this short-lived pleasure will affect the parents marriage, infuriate the mother and could lead to immediate divorce, and has broken the law with the possible consequence of years in prison, a total loss of reputation & the respect or trust of others.  It doesn't show the nightmares that child will begin having within time.  It doesn't show hours of therapy sessions filled with tears, bitterness and anger.  It doesn't show the perpetrator's remorse or mindset.  It doesn't show the feelings of uncleanness that child will feel when they grow older and meet the person they will marry (debating whether they should confess that their virginity was lost by their sexual history with a family member--which the victim now understands was abuse). ...  And by the way, the participants in porn films briefly stating at the end of the video(s) that they are only acting while smiling as they go on to say how such behavior is wrong in real life will not suffice, repair the damage that has been done through the influence it could have had on the viewers, or correct the poisonous ideas it spread.

How far we have fallen as a society and culture to allow this sort of content to exist without being up in arms about the harmful lies it is infiltrating into each new generation.  And this is only one of the story lines to the wide array of videos available.  Whether it is scenes of rape and the victim acting as if she enjoys it, BDSM acts that stop short of just killing the person, or one individual with three or more others, we need to wake up to the reality that every time we seek to view porn (regardless of our reasons), we become desensitized to the graphic nature of what is being portrayed.  It brings a destructive outlook in how we see relationships, view unprotected sex, and stirs up the desire in our hearts to act out what we have seen (no matter how unlawful it is or the initial shame we feel upon seeing it).

Am I saying that viewing porn isn't pleasurable?  No.  What I am trying to convey though is that just because something brings us pleasure does not mean we should simply run with our desires to fulfill the urges we get for instant gratification.  This applies to many facets of life; unhealthy food, casual sex, or watching comedy for five hours straight instead of taking care of our responsibilities or schoolwork.  There are many examples that could be given to show the validity of my point.

A major problem in today's world is its pursuit to legalize, accept, celebrate, embrace, and normalize any craving people have as though having an "anything goes" mentality (all in the name of relativism and "tolerance" of course) is the answer.  Might I propose to you that we are not thinking long-term with our decisions as a nation?  America was once the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free, yet we are now becoming the home of cowards without a backbone and the land of puppets who suffer from the Stepford Wives syndrome.  We are expected to nod, smile, and willingly approve of any idea thrown at us (regardless of its depravity, lack of logic, or harm to our health and relationships) or we are automatically shunned as intolerant bigots who lack genuine compassion for others who should be allowed to do whatever they want, with whomever they want, to any length or depth their heart desires.  It seems we are losing our sense of morality with each passing week.  I shudder at the thought of what life will be like in future generations.

I'm a 90's kid and will admit there have been plenty of times that I wish we could go back to those days of simplicity where smartphones, Facebook, and Instagram didn't exist, the "selfie" had not yet been birthed, and internet access was a luxury instead of a necessity (that is, if half the ways we spend our time online are actually crucial or we are just so caught up in our little world of ME where what I want reigns, gossip is sprinkled throughout, its core is tainted shallowness, and we are lacking the ability to be whole individuals with real purpose to get out of bed in the morning because we have shunned the word of God and turned from Him).

Is porn pleasurable?  Yes.  Is sin enjoyable?  Absolutely.  Is living a life of genuine commitment to Christ and real repentance worth an eternity in perfect bliss with our wonderful Savior?  Even more so.

Like I tell my teenage brother, "Just because we feel the urge to do something does not make us right in doing it.  Don't make sin convenient.  Fear God, keep His commandments, and esteem His word above all else."  There is no safer, more rewarding, or abundant way to live.

"On Christ’s glory I would fix all my thoughts and desires, and the more I see of the glory of Christ, the more the painted beauties of this world will wither in my eyes and I will be more and more crucified to this world. It will become to me like something dead and putrid, impossible for me to enjoy."  John Owen


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