Thursday, November 13, 2014

What Do You Find Most Attractive in a Person?

I remember being an adolescent and my mom saying fairly often how shallow teenagers are.  She wisely noted that they care so much about physical appearance and will date someone merely over how they look.

I have a teenage brother and we have a good friendship.  He will share aspects of what takes place at school, let me know stuff going on with his friends, and let me know about the teenage mentality.  I love that I wasn't a teenager too long ago and can totally understand or even relate with what he shares are the priorities or interests of most teenagers.

You know, so many people think that skinny means attractive and if someone has any weight on them, this disqualifies them for being seen as beautiful or good looking.

The other day, I explained to my brother that relationships thrive on so much more than just finding the other person physically attractive.  So much has to be in place for a relationship to be all it can be.  It begins with both people being devoted followers of Christ, genuine disciples of His, and whose top priority in life is the Lord and His word.  This should be a given for the Christian.

Other ways people find joy in relationships include:

  • Character
  • Sense of humor
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • The way they treat others
  • How they spend their time and money
  • Entertainment they enjoy (and dislike)
  • Whether they are family-oriented or not
  • Intelligence
  • Being trustworthy
  • Maturity
  • Shy or outgoing

...and much more.

Being attractive isn't a one-size-fits-all deal.  It can't be.  There are far too many looks and hobbies, personality types and character traits in people for only one or two looks to be the standard for what we all fawn over and esteem as attractive.

Some people like others of a specific nationality, while some prefer those who are mixed or don't really have a preference.

Some people like others with blue or green eyes, while many enjoy the beauty of brown colored eyes.

Some people like those who have dark short hair, while others like curly blonde hair.

Some people find tall people attractive, while others like average height.

Some people want to be with someone who is rather thin, while others prefer people to have weight on them. see, friends, not everyone wants the picture perfect looking male or female.  There are some celebrities for example that many women or men become giddy over, while I and several others I have spoken with do not find their look attractive at all.

Please understand that absolutely we should take care of ourselves physically and have healthy food so we can be strong and in the best shape possible.  It's not a problem at all to seek to enhance our God-given appearances through healthy methods such as good quality vitamins, plenty of rest, exercise, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, etc.  We should seek to look our best not only to feel better about ourselves, but also to honor Christ and His word (Looking sloppy isn't a good representation of a soldier in Christ who wants to honor his or her King by looking and acting in a put together manner).

If you wrestle with having a low self esteem, I highly encourage you to read the posts on my blog under the label, "Self Esteem" which can be read here.  The articles and entries offer a correct perspective regarding this issue and should be helpful.

What do you find most attractive in a person?  What do you admire most in others?  Let me know by leaving a comment or writing to me directly at:


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