Friday, November 14, 2014

Falling into Temptation vs. Running into Temptation

Photo courtesy of Covenant Eyes

With pornography so easily accessible, and each of us with the option to walk this dark path, what’s to stop us from giving in the times we feel aroused or want to take our minds off of the current stress and difficulties we are facing in our lives?

The plethora of videos available and the natural human tendency to feel entitled to what we please whenever we desire can make it very difficult to say “No” to the lure of porn.

It’s evident that marriages are falling apart due to pornography’s harmful effects, along with our own dignity, self-worth, how we see others, the way we view ourselves, and the secret shame, regret, and haunting awareness of addiction and feelings of uncleanliness we experience every time we give in. It is odd and quite pathetic—the idol we have made of viewing porn. How long will we be pleased with watching other people have sex and engaging in masturbation as we view these images or videos?

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