Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Perils of Pornography


It may appear a companion that is always there when life gets you down or you are in need of relief from the day's stresses, yet it will prove to destroy you and eat you alive.

Pornography is very twisted.  If you stop and think about this (putting your sexual desire aside), you will see how destructive it really is.  The fact that we are in the room, so to speak, lustfully drooling over the sex acts taking place right in front of our eyes is disturbing on so many levels.

Now, I'm not saying viewing porn isn't enjoyable.  If it wasn't, we wouldn't waste our time with it.  Rather, the convicting truth I am hoping to convey is how wrong it is to waste our time with this filth.  It is the destroyer of relationships, tears families apart, breaks hearts, keeps one in bondage, distorts our view of what is appealing, gives us unrealistic expectations about sex and how our lover should perform, blinds us into believing we are desired (when really, the performer has no idea who we are and would most likely ignore us if they were to meet us in person), fills our heads with lies, separates us from God, causes us to lose the respect of others, makes our spouse or children weary about trusting us, leads to greater sins (hiring a prostitute, child molestation, rape, often frequenting strip clubs, introducing harmful and sickly degrading acts into our marriage that might shock and cause our spouse to feel totally disrespected and unclean), takes time away from what really matters in life, is a waste of money, and just like a dog who turns in circles chasing its tail, so we too are in an endless cycle of getting absolutely nowhere except for an obsession with sex (fake sex at that!  Porn is planned, rehearsed, and a total show) and an addiction to self-gratification.

The list really goes on and on to how our porn use affects us and others in an often far reaching and destructive way.  It's hideous the way we cling to a fantasy world and assume that we are desired simply because our minds go crazy when seeing anything we can think of and our imagination runs wild with intense desire, then our bodies respond, and the practice of masturbation and the orgasm that results keeps us going back for more.  Note: self-gratification will keep us hooked on porn!  This should be obvious.  We receive a "payoff" from it.  Also important: You will never get over an addiction to masturbation if you keep filling your mind with porn.  All you're doing with this is throwing fuel on the fire and it will inflame your passions - far from extinguishing them!

You know, I have seen some really disturbing acts in pornography (hardcore, lesbian, etc.) and sometimes I shudder at the thought of having these images stamped on my mind.  It's just disgusting how society and the culture at large glorifies pornography.  We are exalting a cheap substitute above a meaningful, special act the Lord designed to be enjoyed strictly within the context of marriage between one man and one woman.  We have become accustomed to raunchy scenes, positions, and ideas through the regular viewing of porn and so it shouldn't be surprising that sexual crime (especially on college/university campuses) is increasing at an alarming rate.  This makes perfect sense because after all, if we are daily or weekly filling our minds with sexual acts in porn that portray rape as not only something enjoyed, but also something desirable, and when masturbation gets old and our minds (no matter where we are or what we are doing) almost constantly replay these scenes), it is no wonder as our conscience becomes seared and we justify our sin that sex without consent becomes decent and okay in our minds.

Please be wise with the time you spend on the internet.  Trust me.  I KNOW how difficult it is to say no to the lure of porn when it is so easily accessible.  I know what it's like to be aroused or to fantasize and to desire immediate release through porn and masturbation.  I know what it's like to use any excuse to justify my actions and even blame shift (either God or others) for my cravings and get upset when they aren't being fulfilled (and so, obviously porn and self-gratification are the answer right?  Note the sarcasm).  How often is this what we think though!

I exhort and plead with you to downgrade to a cell phone without internet and to use an accountability report and filtering service like Covenant Eyes on all your devices.  If there is nothing to stop porn from showing up when you search for it, what in the world will prevent you from giving in?  By signing up with my affiliate code here, you will get the first month free of the Covenant Eyes filtering service.  It costs between ten and twelve dollars after this each month or around fourteen for a family plan and will prove to be SO WORTH IT.

Don't wait.

Remember the quote (and apply it):  "Do something today your future self will thank you for" (not to mention your family, spouse, well-being, sanity, and the many ways your walk with the Lord will thrive when turning from porn completely!)


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