Saturday, August 2, 2014

Knowing Jesus Should Change Everything


The following was taken from one of my favorite movies, "Bringing Up Bobby".  I love this scene and the influence James has on his younger brother, Bobby.  I appreciate the conversations he has with him throughout the movie about God and what really matters in life.
James:  ...Your attitudes, your desires, everything changes when you're a Christian.  It's a matter of priorities.  Jesus has to be number one, the sacrifice of everything else.
Bobby:  That makes no sense.
James:  Why?
Bobby:  You tell me that Jesus died for me, free gift, nothing I could do to earn it.  ...Nothing I can do to earn it.  But, then I have to obey Him.
James:  Yeah.
Bobby:  But then, isn't that me earning it?
James:  All right.  Think about it like this:  You like to wear Goth clothes to identify yourself, right?
Bobby:  Yeah.
James:  Because you care about Eric and Megan.  They're your friends.  You want to identify with them, right?
Bobby:  So?
James:  So, when you care about someone or something, it shows.  Like, a fan wearing a hat for his favorite team.  "They show their colors".  It's the same thing with God.  If you care about God, it just shows.  You show your colors.  It's not about earning Heaven.  It's about owning it.  A true faith in Jesus as your Savior shapes everything; inside and out.  If what the Bible says is true, nothing else should matter.  Look, you identify with Megan and Eric in a heartbeat, right?  Cool, they're great people.  But none of them could ever do anything as big as pay the price for your sins.  How do you identify yourself?  Through your actions.  If you believe in Jesus, make that commitment.  Dedicate your life to Him.  ...see how this works?


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