Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Illusion of Fleeting Pleasures


Our need for repentance can basically be summed up in three words:

Sin ruins everything.

Oh, we might not experience the consequences at the beginning.  All may appear well and as though our sinful behavior, words, and secret desires are not harming us.  We may allow our sins of choice to thrive in the secrecy of our minds and hearts...or in the false security of isolation as we stay up late to view porn or engage in masturbation when others are not home or when everyone is asleep.  Though, we must keep in mind this vital truth:  Pleasure is fleeting and consequences may last.

Similar to the quote, "What you eat in private you wear in public", so too, what we view in private, do in private, and dwell on in private will eventually manifest itself in our actions, behavior, countenance, and even mannerisms, body language, and voice.  It will have a huge impact on how we act around others of the same or opposite gender.  It will bring problems into our future marriages, as well as unwanted baggage and issues into our relationships with our husband or wife.  It will separate us from God and His blessing (God cannot bless or reward disobedience).  It will bring inner turmoil, deep-seated regret, pain and suffering in our relationships with others and in how we view ourselves.  It will affect how we interact with people, our career, and even the way we are toward our kids.  It will turn us into "monsters" that are obsessed with our sins of choice and may even lead to no longer thinking rationally about them.  It will bring distance in our relationship with the Lord.  It will cause self-loathing and hardness of heart.  It will distort how we see sex and how we view other people.  It will bring shame, feelings of uncleanliness and loneliness...and the list goes on.  It could lead to disease or cause us to engage in things or find things attractive that we would have never envisioned, realized, or dared to imagine when we first began dabbling with our sins.

Please take the time to read an article I wrote for Covenant Eyes that offers helpful ideas on how to deal with sexual sin.

Is sin really worth the consequences it may bring?  Is it worth the loss of reputation, dignity, and bondage it may result in?  Will the choices you are making today help bring about a God honoring legacy that will make others thankful for your influence or will your name fall by the wayside like countless others because momentary pleasures were worth it to you at the time?


Anonymous said...

Excellent!!! Everything you wrote! May the Lord continue to work in and through you!

Mrs. M

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