Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Choose Your Words Wisely


Words can affect people in a number of ways.  They can:

  • Encourage or bring down
  • Heal or hurt
  • Bless or curse
  • Compliment or put down
  • Make you happy or sad
  • Build up or destroy
  • Accuse/condemn or give the benefit of the doubt/rightly and respectfully respond when knowing all the facts

Even the manner in which we speak can possibly convey something we did not intend. 

Speak words of life, not death.  Be someone's reason to smile, not a reason they feel bad or put themselves down and rehearse mean or cruel comments.  Seek to be gracious and loving.

Let us all keep in mind that even when we have reason to be upset, being rude and mean to others will not better the situation, nor will it resolve it merely because the offender now knows how mad we are.  If we want to get our point across, dignity, self-control, and gentleness are a must.  Everyone responds better to conversations that are rational where the issues can be discussed, NOT discussions filled with rage, resentment and bitterness.


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