Internet Accountability

As readers of the Emma Joy blog may have noticed, I post blog entries about pornography and masturbation fairly often. I know what bondage these two sins bring into our lives and how difficult it can be to break free from such addiction.

Pornography is a destructive habit that takes away the very life and health of our well-being, relationships, families, and even how we interact with others. The regular viewing of pornography distorts our view of the opposite (or same) gender to the degree that everyone becomes a sex object to us and sex becomes an addiction and something we constantly think about.

The obvious and natural consequence of viewing pornography is the desire for and urge to engage in masturbation (also known as self-sex).

I wanted to share with people who read my blog a filtering service and accountability report program called Covenant Eyes. I use Covenant Eyes on my computer and can’t even explain how much it has TREMENDOUSLY helped me to avoid the pitfall of viewing pornography. Because in reality, no one is exempt from sin! The lure of viewing pornography when it is so easily accessible is sometimes a temptation we find all too difficult to refuse.

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