About Me




I am a young girl approaching her late twenties (I am still such a kid!) who loves God and greatly desires to lead others to know Him.  I love studying Christian resources, although I probably do not do so nearly enough.  I adore my sweet family and quality time spent with them, living a simple life, and being joyful.  My desire is that God would use my life to reach many for His Kingdom and allow me to present the truth of God's word to others in a (hopefully) winsome, attractive, thought provoking, and Biblically accurate way.

I love healthy food and take a lot of vitamins!  I am grateful for the simple joys in life and delight in being a blessing to others.

That's me!

My brother and I

My dear mom and I
(don't we look like sisters?  She looks so young!)

Twenty Five Random Facts About Me:

  • My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.  Since I rarely eat dairy products, I discovered a way of making the healthy, dairy-free version of this dessert!  Soy or Almond Milk vanilla ice cream from a natural foods store and a natural mint chocolate candy bar shredded in it.  Mix and enjoy!
  • I love hearing the Bible read out loud.
  • Spending time in prayer with others is easier for me to share what is on my heart with the Lord than if I pray by myself.
  • I like taking walks in the rain and love seeing stars in the evening.
  • I don't really like sugar and do not add salt to anything.
  • I love elegance and my room is decorated in all white...with a splash of blue and silver.
  • If I could, I would walk four miles each day.  It is my favorite form of exercise!  Especially speed walking and walking uphill.
  • I am very organized and cannot stand clutter.
  • I really enjoy classical concerts and find going to museums to be a great and simple way of spending time.
  • I love the Solar System.  It is fascinating and really shows the majesty of God.  Quite awe-inspiring!
  • I love feminine attire such as cardigans, scarves, Espadrille sandals, skinny jeans with boots, and pretty coats and sweaters.
  • I like laying out on our trampoline during the day (when I am able) to relax, think, and pray.
  • I enjoy meaningful, God honoring, life discussions and am a deep thinker.
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday for a number of reasons.  I love Christmas music, seeing neighborhoods filled with pretty lights, and realizing the wonder and beauty of God's precious Son - Jesus is the reason for the season!
  • Driving is freeing for me and I like taking drives with my mom to see beautiful homes.
  • I utterly hate false doctrine and how it is leading so many astray.  People don't realize the effects their preaching has on others.
  • I have a burden for people who choose to live the homosexual lifestyle, teenagers, and kids who are made fun of in school.  I care deeply for those who engage in self-mutilation and care about people with eating disorders.  Being trapped is devastating and being in bondage to anything is awful.
  • I feel sad and overwhelmed at the thought of those who have an addiction to pornography.  This is such a terrible addiction and ruins lives!
  • I love giving and receiving cards.  Giving gifts to others is something I really enjoy.
  • My brother is one of my favorite people.  For a teenage guy, he is different than others his age, is mature, knows a lot about God, and has a teachable spirit.  He cares about simple things in life, we have many meaningful conversations, and he is a well-rounded and great kid!
  • Worship music is my favorite.  It is beautiful!
  • It is relaxing for me to practice acoustic guitar even though I don't actually know how to play (haha) and I love the sound of acoustic guitar.
  • I have zero interest in watching TV and enjoy Christian lectures and debates.
  • I have always been mature for my age.
  • My mom has been a godly example and good influence as far back as I can remember.  During my teenage years, I remember her teaching me certain things about guys, she always seeks to point my siblings and I back to God and His word, is not interested in worldly (and fleeting) passing pleasures, has a gentle, kind, welcoming, gracious, caring, sweet, and accepting heart and I call her the energizer bunny because despite what she has been through in life, she "keeps going and going."  We laugh a lot together, she is funny, and I love her dearly and give God praise for the mom He gave me.

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