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6 Lessons on Relationships that Animated Movies Teach Your Children

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"The earliest messages are often the longest-lasting messages. Charles Spurgeon said that the voices of childhood echo throughout life so that 'The first learned is generally the last forgotten.' This can be a tremendous blessing when truth is taught early and when it sinks in deep. […] But this same principle can prove troublesome when the first lessons learned are poor ones, because those lessons are hard to correct and harder still to erase." –Tim Challies

Animated movies can be very fun to watch. They often bring quality family time and quotable humor. However, it can be easy to forget that even cartoons set forth a specific worldview that can shape a person’s view of beauty, relationships, and love for years to come. Whether subliminally or bluntly, the films teach lessons that may clash with the principles parents seek to instill in their kids during their formative years.

Children are impressionable and will likely emulate with their siblings or peers what they see modeled in interactions between movie characters. If stubbornness, rebellion, disrespect, laziness, or pride are exhibited, kids will think this is acceptable behavior or a normal way of being. When paired with catchy songs, dazzling apparel, or thrilling adventures, they will be all the more likely will to act out or think in a similar way as the characters they observe.

Romantic relationships frequently pop up as major plot points. Almost always close to idyllic, the relationship usually ends with a "happily ever after." Practically everybody knows that this is exaggerated fantasy with no real world correspondence. However, this fills young and impressionable minds with lofty ideas and unrealistic expectations because they have not lived long enough to understand the flaws of human nature and the conflicting wills that arise in a joint union.

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Laura Lane said...

There were many kids' shows that I didn't allow my children to see when they were young. Now that they are older teens, they have seen some of them.

Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Long time no read! Just ran across one of my old blog posts where I mentioned you.

Emma Joy said...

It's good to know you displayed discernment with not allowing certain entertainment to be viewed by your kids when they were young. A problem that occurs too often in today's society is that parents do not monitor what their children see, or possibly worse yet, do not train up their kids to have an internal filter in what they choose to consume (even as they are older). Without the knowledge of God and giving kids the "why" behind the no, they are also less likely to choose wholesome entertainment because they will be watching/reading for entertainment instead of glorifying God and honoring their parents.

It's nice to hear from you, Laura! I have thought about you in recent months. Thank you for reaching out!

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