Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Comparison Blinds People

Comparison blinds us to the very real problems others have. We focus only on what we can see and forget that people are really good at hiding the not-so-glamorous parts of their lives.
But have you considered...

*The beautiful coat that girl is wearing may have been given to her after she lost everything in a fire?

*The nice outfit that guy is wearing may be the only attractive attire he owns which was purchased strictly for special occasions?

*The family ahead of you in line at the grocery store with all that delicious food might actually be homeless and living in a motel but after receiving gift cards from someone who was generous, they were able to buy delicious food...finally?

*The successful businessman you envy may have endured ill treatment throughout his entire childhood by strict parents whose demands and neglect drove him to stop at nothing with pursuing success so that hopefully, he could gain their approval one day?

*The new car that couple has may have been given to them as a gift from their church or a dear friend after their previous car got totaled and two of their kids died in that accident?

*The girl whose makeup always looks nice may have learned to perfect her look in order to hide the bruises or scars on her face that have resulted from an abusive relationship or birthmarks?

*The man or woman who materially lacks for nothing might be battling addiction?

*The marriage that has endured for twenty years, husband and wife may rarely communicate and have slept in different rooms and led separate lives for more than half of it?

*Popularity might be the downfall of an otherwise innocent teen who will overdose on heroin in a matter of months or contract a fatal STD because they hate the label of still being a virgin?

*The good-looking guy who has no problem getting women might have nightmares every night from the trauma he experienced as a child?

*The seemingly happy family has many skeletons in their closet?

*Celebrities with countless fans may cry themselves to sleep often because they don't trust people and lack genuine friends?

*The outgoing and confident girl may be haunted by the choices she made a year ago and desperately wishes she could undo her past?

What we see of people is usually only a tip of the iceberg. Humans are secretive by nature due to the shame and guilt we all experience, so save yourself the pain of comparison by not wishing you were someone else or thinking others have it better than you.


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