Friday, September 2, 2016

Gaining Structure and Exuding Excellence

People who most enjoy life and flourish as human beings have structure to every aspect of their lives:

  • Finances
  • Time
  • Health (mental, emotional, relational, spiritual)
  • Fitness and Diet
  • Relationships
  • Home and workplace organization
  • Work and/or schooling

People whose lives exhibit excellence:

  • Have accountability, mentors, and good company
  • Grow in wisdom
  • Set goals and take steps daily to reach them
  • Are in right standing with others to the best of their ability
  • Deal with their problems through the right means
  • Remain accountable
  • Admit fault and are open to receiving constructive criticism
  • Realize the impact of their choices through careful consideration of the outcome (not by the immediate pleasure or relief it will bring)
  • Willing to seek counsel
  • Have a keen awareness of their need for people who positively pour into their lives
  • Keep short accounts with people
  • Plan ahead
  • Pursue growth
  • Use their talents and resources in a way that helps those in need (within proper boundaries and with discernment)
  • Treat others respectfully
  • Demonstrate humility, understanding, and compassion in their dealings with others

People whose lives are falling apart typically:

  • Display an unwillingness to take responsibility for their lives
  • Squander their time and money on pursuits or with people who benefit them not or do so only short-term
  • Do not set goals or are flippant in taking steps to achieve them
  • Careless with their health and sex life
  • Cannot be confronted on their issues
  • Have a negative mindset
  • Envy or put down others instead of putting in the time and making the effort to work on themselves
  • Gossip and have little regard for the reputation or feelings of others
  • Put off dealing with problems until it is too late
  • Do not allow anyone to get close to them or refuse to seek counsel
  • Feel the need to lie and exaggerate so both they and their lives *appear* better than they actually are (thus being fake and not letting people get to know the real them)
  • Are prideful and stubborn


Scarlet said...

Very good one Emma

Emma Joy said...

Thank you, Scarlet. It is nice to know you benefited from this info.

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