Thursday, May 19, 2016

Relationships and the Value of Having a Support System

By Henry Cloud

Many times we will know that there is something wrong in a relationship and that we need better or different boundaries. Sometimes we even know that the relationship is stupid or going to hurt us. But we cannot find it in ourselves to break away or do the right thing.

This is where the power of a support system is needed. In part, we find the strength to do what we cannot do from the people who support us. They stand by us in difficult times to do several things:

-Give us emotional support
-Give us truth and wisdom
-Give us courage to take strong stands on values or morals
-Give us courage to take strong stands with hurtful people
-Give us comfort and strength to let go and grieve difficult situations or people
-Give us knowledge and skills that we do not possess.

We sometimes find ourselves in situations where we would not be able to take a stand that needs to be taken if our allies are not there to offer support. We may be afraid of conflict in the beginning, and they give us the strength to stand up and face it.


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