Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Comparison Distorts Reality and Breeds Insecurity

Comparison: Such an exercise is futile, illogical, harmful, and silly. It brings envy, anger, or even disdain toward others. It distorts reality and breeds insecurity (making us feel less than).

We know little if anything of what others have been through, engaged in, experienced, been exposed to, where they are headed, and how their lives will turn out. We aren't aware of the guilt or sorrow they carry, their insecurities and fears, or consequences they may have reaped from poor choices. We don't know all the ways they have suffered at the hands of others or the sort of parents they had growing up. And oftentimes, people put on an act to mask their pain or true feelings. They try to run from their past or do all they can to not be reminded of the regretful choices they have made throughout their years. And this can be played out in many scenarios, habits, or hangups. It can even manifest itself through the pursuit of a selfish, impure, and careless way of living (what appears fun to outsiders while only serving as a distraction from real healing and transformation that can only take place through seeking proper help).

"Do not compare your behind-the-scenes with everyone else's best spotlight." Unknown

Every person (even those we compare ourselves to) needs direction, guidance, accountability, mentors, character, and to be taught continually in life by those who are a noble example and exemplify character...and what is scary is how some people who live carefree and appear as if they are happy and having fun end up making choices that lead to dreadful repercussions and because of this, we can logically concur that seeing glimpses of the glamorous lives of others only shows brief segments of their daily reality. We don't know what their futures hold and how one night or poor decision can turn their world upside down.

Be wise, be accountable, be transparent, be authentic, and think long-term. So many people neglect these gems and only live for the moment then suffer greatly for their choices within time. Live each day focused on the responsibilities at hand. Don't worry what others say or think about you. Seek advice from trustworthy and credible sources as to the best paths to travel in life and don't fret over the mere opinions or snickery and assumptions of your fellow-man.

Every choice we make is leading us further into our futures, and thus forming what will be our daily reality for years to come. Don't be a fool and go along with the crowd for momentary acceptance and ruin yourself in the process.


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