Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Maturity Test

By Florence and Fred Littauer

  1. Do you tend to blame other people when things go wrong?
  2. Do you make excuses for your failures?
  3. Do you prefer to ignore difficulties and hope they'll go away on their own?
  4. Do you sometimes blame your poor background for why you've never fulfilled your potential?
  5. Do you tell a little white lie if it will get you off the hook?
  6. Do people sometimes say, "When are you ever going to grow up?"
  7. Do you avoid responsibility if possible?
  8. Do you find it difficult to adjust to new situations?
  9. Do you wonder if you'll ever get all of your life together?
  10. Do you often think--or tell others--that next year will be different, better, a success?
  11. Are you usually able to talk your way out of most anything?
  12. Do you feel that you never get the breaks you deserve?
  13. When you're caught at something you shouldn't be doing, is your first thought to lie or make excuses?
  14. Do you feel that if you had a bigger or better house you'd be happy?


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