Monday, March 14, 2016

Decisions Determine Destiny

"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends we choose." Tennessee Williams

TIP: Choose friends who will help lead you into a future without regret, shame, poor choices, trouble, and consequences.

The people we surround ourselves with will either make us healthy or sick (in character, choices, worldview).

They will either introduce us to what is destructive and will harm our reputation, well-being, and self-respect OR will influence us to that which will benefit our futures in terms of gaining wisdom, growing in character, being positive and fruitful, helping others, and leaving a meaningful and respectable mark on this earth.

Drugs, stealing, fornication, alcohol, lying, vandalism, or a host of other choices may be seen as cool or bring you pleasure for the time, yet will most certainly harm your future. Always live with the future in mind!

Every decision we make matters.

Every time we say "yes" to the good and every time we say "yes" to the bad.

Every time we take risks and every time we are cautious & think before acting.

Every time we choose to stay home and every time we choose to go places.

Every conversation we take part in, every rebellious act we engage in, everything we read, watch, listen to, and dwell on.

Every thought we think, every person we befriend, every time we don't set boundaries, every time we spend money foolishly or choose to save it and make a budget.

Every time we humble ourselves and choose to ask for help regarding whatever is happening and every time we act prideful & stubborn, assuming we can handle life on our own or thinking we know what is best (to which I gently ask, How is that working for you?)

So much is at stake. So much. The very quality of our lives, our very joy and happiness, is affected by each decision we make.

What we allow will continue. What we pretend isn't an issue or try to sweep under the rug will only haunt us as it is ever present (no matter how much we try to ignore its reality or pretend it isn't there).

Who we are today is who we are becoming.

A true friend will speak truth into your life because they have your best interest at heart and see your life unraveling, while destructive people ignore warning signs and won't confront you (or might possibly be the culprit leading you astray).

I believe so much of the pain in our world today is because we have lost our fear of God, have adopted a me-mentality that puts self as the ultimate god, and no longer have a set standard for morality.

We have nothing to live for but our own gratification and because pleasure will prove to be a lousy master that in reality demands more of your time, money, and sanity than you first bargained for, you will soon find yourself despairing.

"Life is tragic for those who have plenty to live on and nothing to live for." Unknown

People choose to drown themselves in entertainment, use sex and porn to cope, drugs and alcohol or self-injury to numb, or any other counterfeit in hopes to medicate the nagging and gnawing feeling of lack of peace, joy, purpose, and meaning.

(I would love to dialogue about all of this if anyone would be willing to talk. Write to me:

We all make choices every single day and it is these choices that are leading us into the tomorrows of our lives.

Good friends and worthwhile people will make you a better person, while bad influences and destructive people will bring you to ruin.

I've experienced both and will admit there is nothing like the former.

"The future lies before you, like a field of fallen snow; be careful how you tread it, for every step will show." Unknown


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