Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sexual Sin and God's Intervention

Taken from

By Joe Dallas

The desire you have to preserve your integrity, the fear you have of losing what you value, or the guilt, anxiety, or dissatisfaction you're feeling over the form and degree of sexual sin in your life---these are all signs of God's intervention. He's interrupting your life because something is wrong and needs to be made right.

But interruption and rejection are far from the same. My [baseball] coach interrupted me, not because he was rejecting me; on the contrary, he knew I could do better, and he still wanted me on the team. He knew my potential, and he still had purposes in mind for me.

He pulled me up short, in other words, because he wasn't through with me.

Your Coach hasn't given up on you either. In fact, He probably has more confidence in your future than you do. But for now, something's holding you back.

Whatever that something is, you can be sure of this much:

  1. It's hurting someone. It's hurting you, of course; and it's offending God, which is no small offense. But it's also hurting someone close to you---a wife, a friend, a child---who deserves better.
  2. It gratifies, but your own history by now should prove it doesn't really satisfy.
  3. It's keeping you from fulfilling your potential, calling, and role. And we're all suffering as a result.


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