Sunday, November 29, 2015

Becoming a Person of Influence

Taken from

By John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan

If you struggle with maintaining your integrity, and you're doing all the right things on the outside---but you're still getting the wrong results---something is wrong and still needs to be changed on the inside. Look at the following questions. They may help you nail down areas that need attention.

Questions to help you measure your integrity

  1. How well do I treat people from whom I can gain nothing?
  2. Am I transparent with others?
  3. Do I role-play based on the person(s) I'm with?
  4. Am I the same person when I'm in the spotlight as I am when I'm alone?
  5. Do I quickly admit wrongdoing without being pressed to do so?
  6. Do I put other people ahead of my personal agenda?
  7. Do I have an unchanging standard for moral decisions, or do circumstances determine my choices?
  8. Do I make difficult decisions, even when they have a personal cost attached to them?
  9. When I have something to say about people, do I talk to them or about them?
  10. Am I accountable to at least one other person for what I think, say, and do?

Don't be too quick to respond to the questions. If character development is a serious area of need in your life, your tendency may be to skim through the questions, giving answers that describe how you wish you were rather than who you actually are. Take some time to reflect on each question, honestly considering it before answering. Then work on the areas where you're having the most trouble. And remember this:

Many succeed momentarily by what they know;
Some succeed temporarily by what they do; but
Few succeed permanently by what they are.

The road of integrity may not be the easiest one, but it's the only one that will get you where you ultimately want to go.


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