Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sexy Baby (Film Review)

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“We’re like the first generation to have what we have, so there’s no one before us that can…guide us.” – Winnifred, 13 years old

Sexy Baby, a documentary about modern culture’s ability to shape and impact a societal worldview, is a fascinating film. The subject matter follows three women with no relation to each other by finely presenting how living in a sex-saturated culture and the Internet age plays a role in molding the views of various age groups in regards to sexuality, attractiveness, self-image, and monogamous relationships (or lack there of).

New York City middle schooler Winnifred, 13, right, poses in her bedroom for her friend Olivia. The two later post the images to Facebook.

Seen from the eyes of Winnifred, a 13 year old girl growing up in New York City, Laura, a 22 year old girl from North Carolina, and Nichole, a former porn star who is now married and hoping to have children, the film candidly expresses the infiltration of hyper-sexualization in entertainment. The women involved speak of the pressure to post suggestive photos on Facebook in hopes to obtain attention, and porn’s accessibility and influence on those who purposefully or unintentionally stumble upon it. It was interesting to learn the perspectives of three individuals of different backgrounds who have been impacted by the cunning ways of media to form the way we view and relate to others, see relationships, and express our sexuality.

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