Thursday, September 17, 2015

Becoming Belle Knox: Behind-the-Scenes Life of a Porn Star

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“I’m a porn star, ex-cutter, rape victim. That’s a lot of baggage for one person to carry…I’m just taking things day by day, and I’m just as confused as every other person out there. There’s…so much that’s unresolved, that I don’t have answers for. There’s obviously some reason this has all happened to me, and I want to find some type of meaning.” – Miriam Weeks

Becoming Belle Knox, a short docu-series from Conde Nast Entertainment, follows porn actress Miriam Weeks by giving an eye-opening, raw look at her history and current experiences in pornography.

The purpose of this article is to express the humanity of all persons—even porn stars. We have the tendency to see pornography as mere fantasy which gives the illusion of people who are obsessed with sex and live solely for it. Too often we are blinded to the reality that porn stars are people too. They have very real emotions, fears, and problems (just like the rest of us). Quite possibly, a hurtful or abusive past has led them into the porn industry and led to a perceived willingness to be degraded for the eyes of anyone to gawk at.

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