Friday, July 4, 2014

How We Can Deal with Masturbation Addiction


It might be an addiction or an act you give in to at random.  It might be something you have struggled with for years or a form of sexual release the times you are caught up in fantasy or decide to view porn.
No matter how often you engage in self-gratification, no matter your reason (or excuse) for doing so, consider the following steps as to how you can overcome indulging in this:
  • Do not add fuel to the fire of your lust by feeding it through forms of entertainment (music videos/lyrics that stir up lust in your heart, TV sitcoms, reality shows that promote impurity and sexual humor, parodies on YouTube that cause you to stumble, movies, pornography, articles, magazines...) or allowing yourself to fantasize
  • Do not take part in conversations with those you know that do not help you along the path of sanctification (either walk away or change the topic)
  • Make it difficult to engage in (leave your bedroom door open at night, sleep in the living room on the couch where others could clearly see you if they were to wake up in the middle of the night to go get water or use the restroom, set a timer when you are in the shower so you have time strictly for taking a shower and no extra time to masturbate, no longer take baths, wear jeans to bed so it isn't easy to give in, don't isolate yourself from others by choosing to spend time alone in your bedroom where it can be easier to indulge, go to sleep at the same time as everyone else in the house so you aren't awake in the middle of the night making it easier to feed your lust through self-gratification, porn consumption, and fantasy, seek to be around others as often as possible; if you are invited to go somewhere with friends or family and this would prevent you from being home alone for hours, willingly go with them)
  • Read books addressing sexual sin and purity (Read this article I wrote for a ministry entitled "God Over Porn" in which I list a number of helpful resources regarding this at the end of it)
  • Seek Biblical counsel and be open/honest about your struggles regarding pornography and masturbation (I know this may cause you to feel ashamed, embarrassed, or make you assume you are the only one struggling with these sins, but if we are ever to fully repent, it will be helpful in numerous ways to seek counsel over steps we can take to repent - like how to deal with triggers - and to form accountability relationships with people who can pray with and for us & ask how we are doing with our temptations)
  • Read articles and watch videos by xxxchurch
  • Use Covenant Eyes accountability and filtering service which prevents pornographic material from appearing on your computer or cell phone and will send an accountability report to people of your choosing of the web sites you have visited and keywords you have searched for.  I use Covenant Eyes on my computer (I do not own a smartphone and choose not to because it would be too much of a distraction.  It's actually rather nice to spend time with friends and family and not be tempted to keep checking Facebook, etc. on a smartphone.  Sometimes I jokingly say to my family, "People are slowly losing their ability to speak to others in person!" and I believe having easy access to the internet greatly adds on to this, but that is only my opinion and how I feel).  If you sign up for Covenant Eyes using my affiliate code here, you will get the first 30 days free.
I must add that if we are ever to get a hold on our sexual sin, it will take much more than merely abstaining outwardly from the act (even though the steps listed above are indeed helpful and do work!).  If we are to get control over our desires, we have to daily fill our minds with the truth of the Bible - reading as much as we are able - because this will produce the renewing of our minds and a transformation and purging of our desires and longings (see Romans 12: 2).  We must commit our struggles to the Lord and ask God to refine, purify and deliver us.
I refuse to believe that people cannot overcome their strongholds.  If Jesus Christ has accomplished salvation on our behalf and by our daily commitment to Him and acceptance of His sacrifice we are in right standing with a holy God, it follows that He is powerful enough to guide us in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake (Psalm 23: 3) and sanctify us.  Of course we have a part to play in our growth and pursuit of purity (as evidenced by what I have shared in this post), yet God is able to help us and deliver us from our addictions.


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