Sunday, July 27, 2014

Holding Fast to God's Truth


I occasionally speak to one of my uncle's over the phone and we correspond through text message every week and a half or so.  He is a Christian, walked away for a time, and is now growing spiritually, so even if I only send him a few quotes that I think would be helpful to him and beneficial in his growth spiritually, I will send them as often as I find them.
His response yesterday was really nice.  It was thought provoking and I want to share it with my readers:
"...Continue on your path of righteousness.  Life is like getting in shape, working out to see physical results of our efforts.  When we practice our faith in God, it may take a while to see manifestations of God's hand shaping our spiritual lives; this takes perseverance, patience and faith.  There have been so many times in my life, even now, that I feel so distant from God, but I am able to hold fast to what I have learned through my years of studying and memorizing Scripture."

This goes to show that regularly reading, memorizing, and studying the word of God will prove to yield transformation and the renewing of our minds, will serve as the catalyst to building our faith in God, and will enable us to trust Him more despite the changing circumstances and seasons of life.

What better prayer to pray than asking God to give us hearts that hunger for His truth and cling to the Bible above our fleeting emotions and differing moods?


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