Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is the Way You See Yourself Flawed?


Psalm 139: 13-15


How do you see yourself?  A precious individual made in God's image, redeemed by His salvation, a new creature in Him (Second Corinthians 5: 17), transformed, and a work in progress?  Or... a person with little value, a warped self-esteem, lonely, unwanted, a reject, and someone who has many struggles and little hope?
If I were to ask what gives you a healthy view of yourself, and on the contrary, what gives some of you a distorted view of yourself, how would you respond?
Are you basing your self-worth on who you are in Christ or being attractive, thin, and prosperous by the world's standards?  Are you seeing yourself as unworthy of love and attention simply because you are still single or can you understand that God's timing is perfect and as you wait, God can be trusted to mold and shape you (and your future spouse) into the people He calls you to be?  Marriage will be much sweeter & you will be a greater blessing to one another if you allow God to work on furthering the process of sanctification and enabling growth and life lessons in other ways as you wait and pray (and prepare), trusting His timing and the fact that He only and always has your best interest at heart.
Do you consider yourself to be attractive only when you are dressed nicely and are maintaining your weight?  Or do you seek to be healthy (and your weight follows) and pursue looking your best, all the while not viewing beauty in such a narrow fashion as considering beautiful or good looking as strictly what is seen in - and defined by - Hollywood?
Please keep in mind that movies, television, music videos, magazine covers, and even web sites are airbrushed and tweaked in such a way as to literally look perfect.  That is the "beauty" of modern technology - no pun intended.
To assume that we can one day attain the perfect body, perfect facial features, the perfect height or luxurious lifestyle is futile.  It is chasing after something which only money, surgery, possible starvation or excessive/obsessive working out can produce.  By all means, eat healthy food and take daily exercise seriously, purchase clothing and makeup that will accentuate your particular body shape, and pursue getting a degree (or saving money from each check at your current job) to be able to live with your needs (and even wants) met, yet do not make all of life about the exterior, the perishable, what would easily pass away in one fire or car accident.
Girls, I find Leslie Ludy's ministry to be quite lovely.  It offers great tools on femininity and true beauty.  And men, focus on becoming a man after God's heart instead of trying to impress your guy friends.  The Lord sees what is on your heart and all you desire for marriage and life.
Here is an excellent article for guys and a great article for girls on what to look for in a future spouse.  Character is key; even above appearance.
How would you define a healthy self-image?  What do you desire in a spouse?


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