Sunday, June 15, 2014

Encouragement for Fathers


By Jim George
"The most effective modeling comes with a close relationship between parent and child.  There is little impact without contact.  The closer your relationship with your child is, the more effective the training is—and the greater the impact."
"The best gift you can give your children is to love your spouse.  Remember, too, that once your children are raised, you will still be married.  Make sure you nurture your marriage each day."
"There are no quick fixes when it comes to being God’s kind of dad.  Rather than being a series of short-term solutions to child-raising challenges, a dad’s role is a multifaceted relationship that lasts a lifetime."
"Effective parenting is not a casual undertaking.  It takes being a faithful dad, submitting yourself to God’s instructions, and actively seeking to bring up your children according to biblical principles."
"Success doesn’t just happen.  You either plan to be a good dad and go for it, or you end up with whatever happens.  If you don’t plan a path for your children to walk, others will be glad to take control of their minds and futures."
Dear readers, here is an excellent article.  May it bless, encourage and be of help to you as you consider the important role fathers play in their children's lives and society as a whole.

Mark Driscoll wrote a book entitled, Pastor Dad: Scriptual Insights on Fatherhood that can be downloaded as a free e-book here.
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Happy Father's Day!


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