Sunday, May 25, 2014

To Pursue or Flee Viewing Pornography?

The following list of quotes regarding pornography and purity I find brilliant.  May God use them to bless, shape, change, and transform you.

The first five quotes were taken from "RisenAgainstTheBeast" on Twitter.

"Watching porn contributes to everything that's wrong in our lives.  Name one good quality about it?  Don't worry, I'll wait."

"I understand making necessary sacrifices, but doing porn is just giving up.  It's Not Worth It."

"AntiPorn doesn't mean antisex.  It's about supporting healthy and responsible relationships.  Let's get it right."

"No one wants to think that porn harms because of the money, pleasure, and fame that goes with it.  They leave out the pain and suffering."

"Treat all females with respect as you would your mother.  U wouldn't watch your mom doing porn.  Why anyone else?"

"Don't be like cigarettes, people buy you when they need you & step on you when they're finished using you."  Steve Stifler

"You can choose the genre, lower the volume and skip through the scenes but that's all the control you have.  Ultimately porn controls you."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"It's easy for us to revert back to sinful ways when we're not enjoying fellowship with our God."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"If satan himself can transform himself into an angel of light, he can certainly make detestable things look good before our eyes."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"If we're not willing to die to the sin in our lives, can we honestly say we are ready to die for the faith we profess?"  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"The brief moment of pleasure that porn provides isn't worth the heartache, guilt and shame that follows along with it.  Porn never satisfies."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"Sit and think for a second what Hell is like... The eternal torment that'll never stop for a second. Ask yourself... Is your sin worth it?"  Eric Craven

"Pornography is the antithesis to true intimacy."  GOPPrayer on Twitter

"Porn corrupts your mind, hardens your heart and weakens your spirit."  GOPforLadies on Twitter

"We will all go through trials in this life but no matter how hard times get, turning to sin will not make it any better.  Jesus is greater."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"Pornography never blesses, it only takes.  It never enriches, it only deceives."  GOPforLadies on Twitter

"If we don't obey God today, why do we think we will tomorrow?  Now is the time to live by faith!  Don't put off the voice of God any longer..."  Jonathan Daugherty

"As Christians we have a right & duty to hold each other accountable; to ask hard questions & expect honest answers.  It's love in action..."  Jonathan Daugherty

"God's commands don't lock us in, they keep evil out.  Freedom is found IN Him, not outside on our own.  "A mighty fortress is our God!"  Jonathan Daugherty

"Temptation is an opportunity to either submit to God or give in to our desires."  GodOverPorn on Twitter

"What one reaps from porn & sexual immorality is brokenness, insecurity, & an insatiable hunger for carnality.  FLEE from it!"  Mike Jones

“If you think you can’t fall into sexual sin, then you’re godlier than David, stronger than Samson, & wiser than Solomon.”  Bill Perkins

"Pornography removes the need for true intimacy & destroys the root of what sexual closeness is meant to be."  Mike Jones

"Sexual sins hinder us from being the whole, courageous, powerful witnesses God created us to be."  Jared Lark

"You can either suffer from the changes, or suffer because you have chosen to remain the same."  WholeMagazine on Twitter

"Moralism says: 'God will only accept you if you're clean'. Grace says 'Come to Christ *with* your brokenness and He will make you whole.' "  RZIM Canada


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