Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is Viewing Pornography Our Right?


Romans 12: 2

Proverbs 26: 11

There are some who say, "If porn stars are willing to make videos and be seen in photos, then it is equally fine for me to view such entertainment."

I disagree.

As I myself have seen porn, I am struck by the fact that porn stars are at our beck and call, so to speak, ready, willing and able to get us off and be pleasure to our minds and bodies through the consumption of countless videos, in different genres, on replay, and then engaging in self-gratification as we feed our minds and destroy our souls with perfect eye-candy.

If your daughter or mom was a porn actress, would you feel fine or delight in viewing the entertainment they make?  Or does the thought just shout, "This is wrong!" when you consider these images/videos?  The question then becomes, "Is it okay for my friends or the woman at the library or the guy who works at Starbucks to see my mom or daughter in pornography?"  To which you might reply, "Of course not!  You should dare not even entertain the thought of seeing my mother or daughter in such an intimate state.  That is degrading and makes me upset!"  And then the argument presents itself as, "What about girls whom I am not related to?  Is it all right for me, or the lady who works at the library, or the guy at Starbucks to see them in pornography?  I don't know them personally and it's their choice if they want to act as a porn actress..."

And yet look at our reasoning with such!  The fact of the matter is that every single porn actress (or actor) is someone's child, has a mother, and might even have children themselves.

So how can we logically reason that as long as we do not know the girl (or guy) personally, that it then becomes okay to devour them through hours gone by of consuming the videos and photographs they put out?

Readers, what are a few reasons you think pornography is wrong?  What are a few reasons you feel justified in viewing it?  Do you believe those who are filmed on camera nude performing a variety of sexual acts are average, every-day normal people or do you think something went wrong with them in life (whether that be a difficult upbringing, years of abuse, etc.) and because of a warped mentality, they participate in often degrading acts on film all for the sake of pleasing a hungry audience so they can make enough money for rent, bills, or oh yeah, that designer handbag or name brand pair of sunglasses?

Is selling your body on film - or equally - consuming entertainment that shows people in their most intimate state, really our right?

How far we have come as a people to think that we can devour our favorite porn stars or sexual acts by viewing them on film while masturbating to it and then justify our behavior by saying, "I am horny!"

I personally don't know how one can avoid viewing pornography without the intervention of helpful tools like the accountability report and filtering service by Covenant Eyes!  I use Covenant Eyes on my computer (believe it or not, I don't own a smartphone!) and it has been a tremendous help in preventing porn consumption.  Do keep in mind...it is a lot more difficult to say 'No!' when our sins of choice are available to us at the simple click of a button.  Similar to my family not keeping certain junk foods in our house because we all know that if they are there, we will "give in" - so too, we MUST take the necessary steps toward dealing with our temptation to view porn.  With technology like Covenant Eyes available for a low price each month (you can sign up for Covenant Eyes using my affiliate link here and get 30 days free!) what is our excuse for not taking action and seeking to fight our temptations to the death?


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