Saturday, May 10, 2014

Comparing Ourselves to Others


Envy.  Bitterness.  Sadness.  Lack of contentment in how we view ourselves. ...

Comparing ourselves to others brings nothing good to us and actually distorts our view of other people.  It exaggerates the flaws we notice about ourselves and turns them into something overwhelming.

When we view others and assume they have it better than we do, we are holding them up to (an often) perfect standard which they cannot even attain.

As an adolescent, I used to love watching music videos.  I liked certain celebrities and models and desired to be attractive like they were.  I used to question how some girls just looked "perfect" and here I was with not the thinnest body, nor the greatest skin or hair.

Over the last few years, through seeking godly counsel, speaking regularly with a dear friend of mine, listening to sermons, studying Christian resources, spending much time in prayer (and asking others to pray for me), reading God's word, and having meaningful, Biblically accurate, thought provoking, wise, and helpful conversations over an array of topics with my family from a Biblical perspective, I have come to realize that so much of how we see ourselves and much of what we assume of others is either false, exaggerated, or blown way out of proportion.  We are all guilty of esteeming others to the degree that it is unfair because they themselves cannot live up to this standard and would pity us if they knew we viewed them in such a high light.

There is much we can all do to improve or enhance the natural beauty God has given each of us (Psalm 139: 13-14).  We can exercise consistently, avoid processed foods and soda, drink plenty of water, get as much sleep as possible, take good quality vitamins, make natural fruit smoothies, healthy meals at home instead of buying food from restaurants, and make homemade fruit or vegetable juice.  We can dress in attire which is flattering to our particular body shape and follow the principle of "less is more" for jewelry and makeup.  We can practice rejoicing in God (Philippians 4: 4) and learn to make gratitude a daily and hourly habit.

Dear ones, I encourage you to focus more on your relationship with God and drawing near to Him, making Christ your top priority and best friend in life than to put so much emphasis on the outward appearance.  By all means, follow the suggestions I listed in the above paragraph (hopefully these ideas will be very helpful to you!), yet at the same time, make God the center of every aspect of your life.  Surrender your life in its totality to Him and choose to trust Him with the outcome of every situation, relationship, and circumstance.  Seek godly counsel over any issues or strongholds you cannot deal with on your own.  And every day, let your first thought be one of praise to God.  Thank Him for everything.  Yes, everything.  Praise Him for who He is as described in the Bible.  Thank Him for everything He has spared you from, withheld from you in wisdom, every prayer answered, every desire granted, every provision, everything right in life and every trial that He promises to use for your good (Romans 8: 28).  Praise God for your eyesight, limbs, and hearing.  Praise Him for a working car, shelter, running water, His word, and the countless other great or small blessings He has and continues to bestow.

What is most bothering you lately?  What do you wish were different about your life at this point?  What is God trying to teach you lately that you have been stubborn about?


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Mrs. Murphy

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