Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Brilliant Reasons for Hating Pornography

By Johnathan Ford
I hate pornography. It has told countless women that their worth is measured by the appearance of their body, while the beauty of their hearts is utterly neglected. It has told so many men that they can have the freedom of satisfaction, while they are really being chained to an addiction.

It is time to tell the women that they have more value than what the mirror and lustful people tell them that they have. In fact, they are worth so much that Jesus Christ was willing to die for them, all for the sake of his infinite and unconditional love for them. Isn't that something they deserve to know?

It is time to tell the men that they don't have to be captives to what they crave. Jesus was able to break free from death itself, so he can certainly liberate the children he loves so dearly.

All of them must hear that lust and love are very different words - one binds slaves, and the other cherishes sons and daughters.


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