Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Purpose and Beauty of Biblical Marriage


By Manuel Gonzales

 A list of 6 key designed features of real marriage:
  1. God invented real marriage
  2. It's between one man and one woman for life
  3. Husbands and wives are equal but not the same
  4. Husbands and wives provide what is missing in each other
  5. Marriage is more important than any other earthly relationship
  6. Marriage is the only spiritually, emotionally, and physically intimate relationship that God blesses

Bearing these 6 key features in mind, here are four practical ways God wants to use marriage:
  1. God designed real marriage to give us joy.  Real marriage gives us joy because God designed it to do away with loneliness.  Real marriage gives us joy because it forces us to live outside of ourselves.  Real marriage gives us joy because we have someone close with whom we can share God's calling on our lives.
  2. God designed marriage to increase the human population.
  3. Marriage helps us raise godly children.
  4. God designed real marriage to prevent the harmful effects of immorality.


Anonymous said...

That's nice you posted this by Pastor Manuel. I miss them.

Mrs. Murphy

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