Saturday, April 5, 2014

Protecting And Guarding the Hearts of Children

It is really appalling actually the vast amount of pornography and perversity in various forms available on the internet.  It's awful how easily accessible all of this is because you don't even have to go looking for porn, it will find you somehow.

Parents, please take responsibility for your children's time spent on the computer.  Children and adolescents are curious and naïve in ways.  They cannot fully grasp the consequences they may very well suffer if they get caught up in viewing pornography.  I have known people who were addicted to pornography after one time of viewing it (I myself being one of them!) and it is only by the faithful prayers, monitoring, and intervention of parents and/or mentors through diligent conversation, using an accountability report and filtering service like Covenant Eyes, and teaching your kids why it is exactly that porn use is dangerous and harmful to people that will keep those we love from getting trapped in bondage to this clinging evil.

Even though children may seem disinterested or distracted as you speak to them (or say truthfully that they are not interested in seeing pornography), or if your teenager thinks you are being a bother by your words in bringing up the topic of purity and the importance of guarding our hearts, eyes and minds from the lure of porn and thinks you are addressing this topic because you "don't trust them", please do not get sidetracked or think having continued conversations with your children or teens is futile, in vain, or without purpose.

I have a teenage brother whom I almost constantly invest in through regularly discussing topics like purity, how crucial it is to seek after God and keep Him first, guarding your heart, monitoring your entertainment choices and friend choices, and addressing topics like pornography, masturbation, and other important topics that he must learn from a young age so he is better prepared to face a world of temptation and knows how to handle these issues if or when they arise.  I am an accountability partner for my brother and let him know recently that I am going to put Covenant Eyes software on his computer as well.  I explained why this is important and even have his password to Facebook as a form of accountability to see what he is up to online.

How I am toward my younger brother might seem extreme, yet over the last few years God has truly blessed me with a special relationship with him where important topics are addressed and we often have conversations that will enable him to know how to face temptation, how to handle stressful situations, etc.

I am very thankful the Lord has blessed me with the ability to speak with my brother on a regular basis about issues that are crucial and for the opportunity to share with him guidance through Biblical wisdom and resources like different articles which address "taboo" subjects.  XXXchurch and Covenant Eyes have many great articles and/or videos you should check out and share with your adolescents through prayerful consideration and discernment.  It is much better for them to hear about sex, pornography, and masturbation from you than it is to discuss it in a perverse manner with their friends, hear about it on MTV, or see it displayed through actual pornography or raunchy music videos and television programs or movies.

Parents, mentors, or even older siblings...please take every opportunity to speak with the youth in your life and have life discussions with them about topics they need guidance over.  Do keep in mind that if you are not teaching them how to handle or process these issues that the world constantly bombards them with, society and the media will teach them unbiblical views and how to live/view them in a completely contrary way than God calls us to as His children.  Practically anything goes in today's world and I'm sure we all realize purity is not a priority to those who do not follow after God.

The purity of our children, siblings, or the youth in our lives is worth protecting.  We must be diligent in our conversations with them and be an example by living out what we "preach".


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