Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finding Delight in God's Word


By Elizabeth George

If you are struggling to get into God’s Word, you can rely on these 3 stages:

#1 The cod liver oil stage: When it’s like medicine.
#2 The shredded wheat stage: When it’s nourishing but dry.
#3 The peaches-and-cream stage: When it’s consumed with passion and pleasure.

Make daily time for reading God's Word your highest priority. gain the power of character--you begin to more clearly reflect your heavenly Father's face--as His Holy Word smoothes and polishes your character.  As you spend time gazing into God's Word, the light of His truth brightens your motivation to live your life for His glory.  When you read the Word of the Lord, He uses it to scrub and scour away your fears, your laziness, your doubts, and your sinful ways.

...Besides reading God's Word daily, set up a plan for regularly memorizing Scripture.

Oh, pray for God to give you an insatiable appetite for rich fellowship with Him through His Word, an appetite that nothing else can satisfy.


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