Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Viewing Pornography Okay?


What was your favorite movie growing up?  What was your favorite sit com?  Who was your favorite actor/actress or singer?  Did you memorize the lyrics to the songs you liked or phrases from the show that you would joke around saying with your friends at school?  Do you remember buying all the albums of your favorite singer and being excited when they were on TV or in a magazine article?
As I thought about pornography recently, I realized many people have a "favorite" porn star.  They have seen many of their videos and are excited when they film another video (maybe with another porn star you are attracted to).
Have you ever stopped to consider how far we have come in our hearts, minds, and actions by even having a "favorite" porn star...someone who we are aroused by as we see them being intimate with another porn star?  Have you ever pondered how twisted it is really that we "follow" these porn stars and look forward to the new scenes they will film or the next surprising and raunchy photo shoot or video they will make?
My point is not that sex is bad.  Sex is a great blessing in the context of marriage, between one man and one woman.  Like someone once said, "Sex is the wedding gift God gives to every married couple."
My point in addressing the topic of pornography in this post is to try and show people that there is something terribly wrong with the fact that we consume porn often (or should I say, porn consumes us) and that we feel entitled and think it is okay to watch other people have sex and to engage in self-gratification and get off to such photos or scenes!
Where are our hearts that we have become regular consumers of pornographic material and believe in our hearts that our action of doing so can be justified with reasons such as:  "I'm aroused and this is less sinful than me sleeping around" or "I feel rejected by my spouse or unwanted in stars never tell me 'No'" or "Viewing porn gives me ideas as to how to perform for when I am married!" or "What is it hurting anyway?  All I'm doing is getting off to sexual scenes I find's masturbation...not sleeping around."
Think about this for a moment.  Just a moment.  Consuming pornography in its many forms is watching other people (who have been with many others) engage in sexual acts while we masturbate to it or later at the thought.
It is sad that the sex portrayed in pornography becomes our standard for beauty and what is sexually appealing, when it reality, as Jessica Harris has said, "Porn is the anti-thesis of beauty. It is beauty’s arch nemesis. It is the destroyer of beauty. In porn, a woman’s natural beauty is buried underneath piles of makeup, silicone and airbrushed perfection. Her worth is reduced to whatever she can give a man. Beauty is equal to sexuality."
Our desires have become idols to us if they are what we almost constantly think about and if they are something we find difficulty saying no to.
If you were to die in the midst of viewing pornography, reading erotica materials, & engaging in masturbation and those you know walked in and found you as such, would you be embarrassed?  If so, why?  If watching and reading such things is fine or normal, what are you feeling shame over at the thought of this?  Even if you live, what if somehow someone you know were to see the internet history on your smartphone or computer, would you be embarrassed?
What is stopping you from running from porn altogether?  Has it become an addiction you can't overcome on your own?  To read more about pornography, its harmful effects, and for resources & articles that should be greatly helpful, check this out.
If you would like to share your opinion on the topic of pornography, you may write to me at:  It is a joy to hear from those who read the Emma Joy blog or may have just stumbled across it.


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