Thursday, March 6, 2014

God Really Isn't a Tyrant


Surrender to God.  Oh, what a struggle this can be!
We must seriously ponder and consider the truths the Bible expounds about God's character, attributes, and how He sees us.
None of us want to commit our lives in their entirety to someone who we perceive as a powerful tyrant.  We fear loss of control over even the smallest areas of our lives because a lack of trust in God brings worry, anxiety, and even fear.  After all, would you trust a tyrant with your future?  What about with your past?  If your present isn't looking too great, then this can make it even more difficult to trust the Lord, and especially to rest in Him.
The great news (and something that took me literally years to realize and believe) is that God is a merciful, gentle, loving, compassionate Father to those who have become His children through the salvation Jesus Christ accomplished on behalf of sinners...yes, God is a gentle Savior.  But at the same time, He is a wise Father who desires the best for His children.  And whether we want to accept it or not, it is too often the difficult trials, uncomfortable situations, circumstances that try our patience because they are not changing, and even sadness, feelings of stress or as if you are going to lose your mind if things don't change soon, that God uses to not only open our eyes to genuinely see our need for Him, yet also to give us a hunger for Him and a thirst that the temporary comforts of this life cannot quench.  Oh, so dramatic.  Yet, oh so true.
It was the very circumstances that I didn't understand that God used to bring my heart to the point where I said honestly, "God, I can't do this on my own.  Going shopping won't satisfy me (as this is something I so longed for during particular trials where I just couldn't afford to buy new clothes or felt too uncomfortable leaving the house).  I need freedom and no earthly comforts will do."
Maybe you're not that person.  Maybe you enjoy your life and don't feel the need for God.  You might possibly view the idea of "needing God" as though He were a crutch (or as Greg Laurie has said, "Jesus Christ isn't a crutch to me, He is a whole hospital!") for those who are down, depressed, and have made really bad choices in life, whom, after suffering the consequences, "need God" to cope.  This isn't the case for everyone though.  There are rich and famous people who have accepted God's salvation, & professors, teenagers, the elderly, etc. who have done the same because they have checked into the evidence and realize that the Christian faith and the Bible in particular actually holds water.  Check out this list of resources that will be very beneficial in learning more about the validity of the Bible as the word of God and Christianity as a credible belief system.
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