Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"5 Ways to Make a Walk with Your Child Meaningful"


"5 Ways to Make a Walk with Your Child Meaningful"
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Going on a walk with your child is relatively easy, and costs nothing. It can also be meaningful, if you do the five things below.

1. Turn off your cell phone. Sure you can take your cell phone, "for safety reasons," but do not answer any calls, don’t text, and don’t surf the net. Even if your child is in her stroller, use the time to talk to her, sing to her, and point out what you’re passing. She’ll get more out of that than hearing your conversation with your mom.

2. Let your child set the pace. Going on a walk with your child is about connecting, not about exercise. Yes, you will get health benefits, but you don’t want to make that your number one goal. So if your child wants to slow down to look at a snail, or just stroll along leisurely, adjust your pace and enjoy your time together.

3. Let your child set the distance. Toddlers might only make it to the corner, while your tween or teen might want to walk for half an hour or more. Take what you can get and keep the focus of the walk about leisure, instead of distance.

4. Make the most of your time together. This is not the time to talk about unfinished homework, chores, or all of the work you need to do when you get home. This is the time to ask questions that can spur conversation with your child. You can also ignite conversation with games like "I Spy."

5. Make physical contact. As you walk along, touch your child. If they’ll let you, hold their hand. If not, pat their back, rub their head, or tell them you need a "hugging break." You can also connect by throwing a ball back and forth.


Little Birdie Blessings said...

Hi Emma, Good ideas here about walking with our children. It's so important to spend real time with them. Love the pooh quote. Thanks for visiting my blog. ~ Abby

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