Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trusting in God's Wisdom

What do you desire most in life?  More money?  Nicer attire?  A beautiful face?  A thinner body?  A working car that doesn't give you any trouble?  A spacious house?  A husband or wife?  Children?  To make something of your life...?

We all have different desires and accomplishments we would love to pursue and attain.  Whatever we desire, let us purposefully keep in mind that if we pray and pray about these things and God doesn't answer, He CAN be trusted (even when our finite minds cannot understand).

I think often, we believe having more money or nicer possessions or beauty, fame, or fun will make us truly complete; to the degree that we can say with ease, "Finally!"  Yet, I challenge you to think back over your life and recall prayers you persistently asked God for as a kid, teenager, or even in the midst of your twenties or thirties...aren't you glad God didn't give you what you asked for then?  Aren't you thankful that God, in His perfect wisdom and faithfulness, said, "No"?

I know for me, I am very thankful that God didn't grant certain requests I made known to Him years ago or desired during my youth because some of those things would have destroyed me, taken my innocence, and hindered me (if not prevented me) from seeking after God at all.  And what is so ironic is how some of the experiences God brought me through, I myself would NEVER have chosen and yet to this day, I am truly thankful He allowed such pain, difficulty, and hardship because again, in God's perfect wisdom and faithfulness, He had my best interest at heart and was looking out for my welfare and drew me close to Him during such times.

C. S. Lewis said, "If God had granted all the silly prayers I've made in my life, where should I be now?"  &  "If an infinitely wise Being listens to the requests of finite & foolish creatures, of course He will sometimes grant & sometimes refuse them."

Let us recommit to (and daily practice) trusting our faithful God who cares deeply for us and wants what is BEST for us.  Let us serve Him from a passionate and trusting heart, praying that He would do above and beyond what we ask or think - first and foremost in our walk with Him and then allow everything else in life to fall into place because of our serious and genuine commitment to our precious God and Savior.


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