Sunday, November 17, 2013


What makes you the most disappointed?  Is it a loss of friendship?  Not being able to leave the house when you planned to?  Feeling rejected or unwanted by others?  A low self esteem that has affected your demeanor and made you feel alone and hopeless?  Certain facial features you so desire were different?  Not being a part of the "in" crowd?  Comparing yourself to others and thinking you will never match up to their good qualities or make a name for yourself as they have?

All of this is only a fraction of the thoughts and issues we have in life that leave us feeling disappointed.  I know I have experienced some of the above as well.  But allowing ourselves to dwell on such thoughts and comparison may lead to crying, the desire to engage in self-mutilation, or feeling saddened to the point of no emotion or just wanting to die.

Many people long to be accepted by others, have others pay attention to them, or to feel like their peers think highly of them.  This is an issue we all have from time to time; some on a regular basis because they don't quite know how to deal with it, and others experience such defeating thoughts to a greater or lesser degree in various forms and circumstances.

A few years ago, in the midst of very unfortunate circumstances, I would often complain to my mom about how I wish my life would change and how I longed to be set free.  I remember so clearly her saying that as Christians, it does NOT matter what our circumstances look like because it isn't always going to be pleasant in this life so what really needs to be worked on is our perspective by taking our thoughts captive; whether we are in want or have plenty, whether we are rich or barely have enough money for rent and bills each month, whether we feel attractive or incredibly unappealing, and even whether we drive, work, and socialize with others on a regular basis or are isolated at home due to a physical handicap or mental disability.

We can rest in the fact that God holds our very lives in His precious hands and He always has our BEST interest at heart.

It really is all about having the right outlook, the right perspective, and a healthy and ongoing trust in God.  And how is this possible?  Through the renewing of our minds (Romans 12: 2); by filling our minds daily with the truth of God's word, memorizing His word, obeying His word, and growing to treasure His word.  Job 23: 12 is a great Bible Scripture to memorize and implement!

" 'I have not departed from the command of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.' "  Job 23: 12

By doing so, we can better face our circumstances and have the strength and mental stamina to press forward even though we may not like how our lives are at the time and are longing for "freedom" - whatever "freedom" may look like to us.  

What is most bothering you today?  What causes you to feel disappointed?  How can you begin to counteract such negativity, hurt, and put downs and honor the Lord?


Anonymous said...

Great post! EXCELLENT!!!

Mrs. Murphy

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