Thursday, July 4, 2013

Unstable Comforts

What makes you the most joyful?  At ease?  Secure?

So often, we look to material possessions, the comforts money can buy, other people or a good relationship to sustain, fulfill, and bring us happiness.  While all of this is understandable and common, it isn't always wise.  It is similar to trusting God only when everything is well in life and we are content because things are "how they should be".

Yet what happens when we lose our job and are without the extra money for a time that we desire to be able to buy all of those extra "comforts"?  What happens when a close friend moves away or passes away?  What happens when we break up with the love of our life, even after we are engaged to be married?  Where and who will we turn to then?

I appreciate that God is not only faithful and good, He is perfect.  God always has our best interest in mind.  If He removes something from our lives, instead of being devastated to the point of wanting to commit suicide or not being able to function properly, let us seriously and consciously turn to God with our entire hearts and ask Him to build our trust in Him through such a loss.  God will not always provide answers...yet He will use the circumstance or situation for our good (Romans 8: 28) and to build our character, reliance on Him, and commitment to Him.  God is even able to use the difficulties and hardships of life to draw us to Him!

In my life and the lives of people I have known, it was actually difficulty, pain, and hardship that ultimately drew us to God because through such heartache, questions, and sadness, He opened our eyes to see our need for Him.

I like the quote, "Do not put a question mark where God has put a period."  This is a profound thought because it gives evidence of God's sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness toward us.  I am sure we have all experienced one situation or another in life where it didn't go the way we wanted or like we had planned and as we look back on such an experience, we are actually thankful that we didn't end up dating that person or working there or being friends with him or her, or moving to that state.

I am learning that when God says no, trying to coerce and fight and force to get our own way is not only foolishness, it is harmful and unwise.  If God is for us as believers in Jesus Christ, if He wants what is BEST for us in all circumstances, if He is a loving, perfect, and good Father who takes care of His children and will prevent them from going to that place or getting to know that person by putting obstacles and counsel in our way so it doesn't work out, let us joyfully and gratefully sing His praise!

Worthy is the Lord and faithful and true is He!


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